Get more revenue and profit from your eshop

Turn people into repeatable clients and increase revenue through personalized campaigns.

It's all about making customers loyal

From purchase history we predict what, how and when each customer is most likely to buy.

Identify new revenue potentials

Know your customers and work with action sets determined by behavioral segmentation of your customers.

Personalize email campaigns

Based on a predictive model each email is sent as a combination of custom offer and personalized product recommendations.

Increase conversion rates

Efficient targeting of marketing campaigns reflecting customer life cycle.

Futurelytics is easy to use ecommerce retention automation platform

Connect your eshop in a few easy steps.

Automatically segment your customers by their purchase behavior and increase customer lifetime value.

Get insight and take action.

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Futurelytics is more than just a product, it's a way of thinking.

Connect your store within seconds

Connect your e-shop in a few easy steps. No IT knowledge is required. It usually takes 10 - 20 minutes to load your data into Futurelytics’ secure cloud database.
Data is updated on regular basis.

Interactive dashboards with email campaign creation possibility

Get insight, compare seasonal trends, discover revenue potentials on customer segments. That will help you set your goals for upcoming weeks or months. Create email campaigns instantly on any segment. Measure how your campaigns have been performing, test and make them better and better.

Create email audiences by leveraging customers' purchase behavior

Futurelytics analyzes your data instantly. It can distinguish individual customers into segments based on purchase behaviour. The time that has elapsed since the last purchase and the number of purchases are the strongest criteria for determining how the customer will behave in the future.

From experience of other marketers our dashboard will tell you more about marketing approach, discount type and call-to-action elements that have worked well for them. Be inspired by these ideas or create a specific email content.

Enhance your emails with offers that bring most conversions

We have measured that in average the emails with recommended products bring about 85% more conversions compared to the ones with the same offer for everybody. Futurelytics' predictive model finds up to four products that each customer is most likely to purchase as next. There are ready-made email templates available letting you embed these recommendations easily.

Personalize every single email

Futurelytics lets you manage specific email content for every customer which leads to best possible conversion. You can combine specific goals (upsell, churn, etc.) with suitable wording, call-to-action elements ("Shop now", "Unsubscribe"), discount or incentive (% based discount, free shipping), recommended product with pictures, prices and links. Last but not least, you will learn when people order most frequently and schedule sending campaigns accordingly.

Integrate with Mailchimp, Constant Contact

Futurelytics provides ready-made email templates that cover all that and make the setup simple for you. You just need to finish the email design (insert company/brand image, include valid discounts, update contact information and include valid call-to-action links). Then you are ready to send the emails out. Check once a day how much your campaigns have earned.

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  • Up to 20 000 customers

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Regular data update
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Automation with any email service provider
  • Campaign management



  • From 20 000 to 50 000 customers

  • All Free features
  • + Product recommendation
  • + Dynamic Offers
  • + Support working hours
  • + Sales Opportunity Notification



  • From 50 000 customers

  • All Professionals features
  • + OnDemand Support
  • + Dedicated Success Manager
  • + Acquisition Campaign

What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using Futurelytics

Great piece of software. Automatically lets you search all of your customers by date, number of purchases, value of purchases and how recently among other things. It allows us to stay top of mind with them at the correct moment as well as finding out why our 1 time buyers did not come back. Very helpful.

Jacob Blish

Jacob BlishDirector of Marketing and Operations @ ViewSport

I like the new clear layout. Campaign creation functionality and connection with Mailchimp worked fine. We sent out some campaigns and the best ones achieved conversion rates of over 10%.

Simon James

Simon JamesOnline Marketeer @ Grapedistrict

Simple and powerful. Makes a lot of sense and helps us deliver the most poignant message possible, i.e., we can say the right things to the right people and the right time. I think that's the definition of doing things right as a marketer.

Coby Gerstner

Coby GerstnerVP of Marketing @ Beloved

Very powerful app. Definitely needed to help fine-tune marketing and target different groups of customers appropriately. Now it's time to create some emails.

Stuart Wooster

Stuart WoosterDigital Marketing Manager @ Treat Your Skin

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